By Aimee Chanthadavong

Fashion website Club QT is celebrating its first birthday by launching the ‘The Club QT shopping mall’, which will enable any Australian or New Zealand retailer, both bricks and mortar and pure play, to add their store to the online mall.

From as little as $250 per month Club QT will create a dedicated 'Store Page' which will include sizing, shipping information, store reviews, as well as a full feature pages of the brands' fashion products.

These stores will be promoted in the 'Buy Local' section of the site as well as in the main international directory, attracting sales from overseas as well as the dedicated Australian/New Zealand shopper. This will enable local fashion brands the opportunity to sit within the Club QT 'Mall' alongside international designers and renowned retailers.

London-born founder Mandy Sigaloff told RetailBiz Australian online retailers have limited avenues to attract shoppers but believes the Club QT shopping mall will be able to assist with this as their online stores will be placed next to retailers like TopShop, ASOS and Bloomingdales.

"The choice and range that can be purchased from large overseas stores is one of the big attractions to the overseas shopper  but by bringing the retailers together in a ClubQT Mall environment, the breadth across a number of retailers will provide shoppers a similar choice they are looking for,” she said.

“The strong Australian Dollar and international stores offering free shipping to Australia is also driving shoppers overseas, but with more pure play local retailers entering the market, that have smaller overheads and selling local brands at competitive prices this gap is narrowing."

In February, Club QT will also a desktop shopping loyalty card. The Club QT Privilege Card will enable members to access exclusive discounts offers and rewards direct from their computers; once downloaded the Privilege Card will enable shoppers to comparison-shop across sites such as Ebay and ClubQT stores.

"The privilege card will present offers and discounts direct to the shopper on their desktop. These offers will link back to ClubQT; whenever a search for fashion is conducted on Google the ClubQT privilege card will present the search results from the ClubQT database, again driving the shoppers back to ClubQT," Sigaloff said.

Club QT was established in March 2011 to initially give Australians access to over 150 international fashion brands, which also featured a virtual ‘fitting room’ for users to create their favourite looks.