Australia Post recently released the 2023 Inside Australian Online Shopping Report revealing that  Australian households spent $63.8 billion on online goods in the past 12 months, with expectations of online shopping to double over the next five years.

As the e-commerce market continues to boom, customers are demanding a higher quality of content to help them commit to purchase. This is increasing pressure on retailers to ensure brands don’t disappoint and that products look as good as they can to fast-track and encourage sales.

Introducing Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)—the solution to the challenges outlined above.

CGI harnesses computer graphics and digital techniques to create captivating visual content that surpasses traditional photography. With high-quality product imagery, retailers can meet customer expectations, driving sales and gaining a competitive edge.

Retailers who evolve from traditional photography to CGI will stand out, gaining an important advantage in a competitive market. Embracing CGI accelerates the creation of multi-purpose content without the need for time-consuming photoshoots. Meaning retailers enjoy a greater return on investment with increased flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and reduced turnaround time.

Here is how CGI can unleash the power of retail brands to drive sales.

Content is king

Content production has always been an integral part of a retailer’s marketing strategy to promote products and drive sales. But it’s the right content that is going to cut through and drive outcomes in a fast-changing retail landscape. This is where CGI technology is a game-changer for retailers.

With the emergence of CGI technology as a more accessible option, retailers now have the opportunity to invest in a strategic and cost-efficient content production strategy.

Once a 3D model has been created for a product, the process of creating additional content is very efficient. Giving retailers the ability to generate high-quality and multi-purpose content, at speed and with a smoother production process – while achieving greater economies of scale.

The consumer experience

CGI creates highly realistic visuals, allowing consumers to see products in detail, reducing the risk of disappointment.

Through CGI, brands can create captivating 360° spin imagery, allowing consumers to virtually rotate and examine products from every angle. This interactive experience enhances engagement, builds confidence, and assists consumers in making informed purchasing decisions.

By delivering consistent imagery, CGI provides a unified and visually cohesive shopping journey for consumers. Allowing brands to implement a successful omnichannel marketing campaign.

CGI allows consumers early access to pre-production products, providing access to explore upcoming products before their official release, enabling pre-orders and a sense of exclusivity.

Unlike traditional photography, CGI offers limitless possibilities for creating in-situ and lifestyle scenes. With CGI, brands can effortlessly customize and manipulate every aspect of the scene, to perfectly align with their brand image and consumer preferences.

Benefits for retailers

  • Greater flexibility: CGI empowers retailers to adapt and respond rapidly to market demands by easily modifying content, changing colours, designs, and creating new variations. It also facilitates testing of new products without committing to manufacturing.
  • Enhanced versatility: CGI enables the quick and efficient generation of high-quality, multi-purpose content, including images, animations, and virtual reality experiences. This versatility engages customers in an immersive and interactive way, expediting their decision-making process.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Transitioning to CGI saves retailers time and resources by eliminating the need for multiple photoshoots. It also allows pre-ordering and marketing before physical product production, resulting in a more efficient sales cycle.
  • Realistic and engaging visuals: CGI technology creates life like, visually stunning imagery that captivates consumers’ attention and establishes a strong connection between the consumer, brand, and product. These visuals drive engagement, encourage purchasing decisions, and boost sales.
  • Competitive edge: Embracing CGI sets retailers apart in the competitive online landscape. Delivering visually compelling content that exceeds customer expectations, enhances brand perception and positions retailers as leaders in their markets.

    Fast and cost-effective, the advantages of CGI provide retailers with an undeniable advantage to deliver the content required in today’s ever-growing and fast-paced online environment.

Tim Morison is founder and creative director of Insite Imagery.