Online platform for buying and selling businesses, Eden Exchange has launched its DealXchange platform, operating as a standalone platform separate from Eden Exchange’s managed services. DealXchange offers businesses the flexibility and transparency to thrive on the international stage. 

According to the Australian Business Growth Index, the trend of Australian SMEs (small-to-medium enterprise) operating outside of the country is on the rise. Currently, one-third (34%) of Australian SMEs conduct business operations internationally. However, this figure is projected to double, with over two-thirds of SMEs planning to be operational outside of Australia by 2027. 

DealXchange redefines efficiency, collaboration and success, empowering users to achieve business outcomes and franchise sales. Designed specifically to meet the needs of sellers, franchisors, brokers, buyers, advisors and mergers and acquisitions, the DealXchange platform provides a virtual lead room catered to specific needs in the process of selling a business; document sharing to securely share and store signed documents with ease; deal workflow management to manage deals from lead generation to closing, and unmatched lead generation by capturing any existing lead generation source, allowing users to manage, qualify and convert to deal.

Eden Exchange founder and CEO, Raghu Rajakumar said, “DealXchange marks a significant milestone in our mission to redefine business transactions. Traditionally, business owners have faced limited visibility, entrusting the entire success of their sale to third-party intermediaries.

“This lack of transparency often led to uncertainty and challenges throughout the transaction. By providing enhanced flexibility and transparency, our standalone platform enables users to take control of their deals like never before. It’s essentially democratising the entire business buying and selling process. 

“As a significant number of SMEs expand their operations outside of Australia, we look forward to supporting them to confidently navigate the complexities of global business transactions, connect with potential partners and investors worldwide and make their mark on the international stage.” 

Eden Exchange facilitates connections between buyers, deal makers and sellers, transforming the traditional processes involved in business transactions.