eBay is simplifying and enhancing its selling process on eBay.com.au.

From 2 May 2012, eBay will make pictures free for all sellers who are listing as a way to deliver a more engaging shopping experience for buyers.  eBay will also simplify its fee structure and remove some of the current listing upgrade features.   

Another significant change will be the introduction of flat final value fees in some categories for non-store and store sellers capped at $100.

“This upgrade will provide sellers with a simpler, more transparent fee structure, making it easier for them to predict and calculate their fees on eBay.com.au,” the company said in a statement.

A summary of the upgrades are as follows:

Free pictures and listing upgrade changes
•    Free Pictures on all listings – get 12 free pictures on every listing
•    Free Supersize and Gallery Plus ¬– helps make listings more cost-effective and attractive to buyers  ¬
•    Removal of many listing upgrade features – making it easier to understand listing costs
•    Continue to list for free – no insertion fees on the first 30 listings per month for sellers without a Store

Simpler insertion fees
•    Fewer insertion fee tiers for sellers without a Store who exceed the 30 free listings per month*
•    Fewer insertion fee tiers for auction-style listings within Stores.

Flat final value fees
•    7.9% flat final value fee with $100 cap per item for sellers without a store
•    7.0% flat final value fee for Featured Store subscribers with $100 cap per item
•    6.0% flat final value fee for Anchor Store subscribers with $100 cap per item.

“This new fee structure is designed to help the thousands of eBay sellers that operate on the site to succeed. Flat final value fees will allow sellers to calculate their costs more easily, enticing them to list more items, better meeting the needs of Australian consumers,” eBay said.