With over 50 per cent of Australian households now accessing broadband (according to a study by the ABS), Eagle Boys Pizza has invested over $50,000 in developing a new online ordering system, which will be rolled out across its stores by February 2008. The system has already been successfully trialled at stores in Wagga Wagga, Boondall, Fortitude Valley, Tolland, Samford, Redbank Plains and Plainland.

The results of the trial have shown the promise and the popularity of online ordering with customer uptake of between three and five per cent in only six weeks. The system allows customers to order and customise pizzas with real-time delivery expectations quoted to customers at point of purchase.

Eagle Boys Pizza managing director Todd Clayton says the introduction of the system has already improved sales in the trial areas.
“We have witnessed a very strong uptake in the trial areas with minimal marketing to our customers,” he says. 

“We have seen the average order expenditure increase, on average, by 50 per cent. We have also seen the ratio of deliveries to pick-up evening out to 50/50 as opposed to the current 70/30 share through traditional phone or in-store ordering.”
He says another benefit of the system will be more competitive pricing.
“Buying our pizzas online will be the most cost effective option outside of a coupon offer with pizzas from $6.95 for a standard large pizza. This is unique in the market place as some other chains charge full price for online orders.”

Clayton says the company is expecting 10 per cent of total sales to be generated online in the system’s first year.