Premium décor and gifts company, Dusk Australasia has launched a new online brand, Mihi Home (‘Mihi’ is Latin for ‘me’) with a range of high-end home products designed to allow people to focus on themselves and embrace some ‘me time’.

The range includes diffusers, essential oils, candles and incense with an emphasis on premium quality and product aesthetic.

Mihi Home founder, Julia Utz said the brand was thoughtfully created with functionality and luxury in mind as people spend more time at home.

“We designed these pieces to inspire positivity no matter the situation and promote greater self-care – something we feel everyone needs to experience every day,” she said.

The flagship Mihi Home diffusers include five resin designs created with the natural movement of light in mind and are designed to look exquisite even when not in use.

“When creating these products, we saw a gap in the market. Australians love scents and the powerful emotions conjured by them. Still, we felt it was hard to find home fragrance and decor products that didn’t sacrifice a modern, statement and luxurious aesthetic worthy of sitting front-and-centre in any room of the home,” Utz added.

Among these diffusers, the Arya Bluetooth Clay Diffuser (RRP $249.99) offers unique functionality with Bluetooth to function as an all-in-one speaker and sculptural piece of décor. For individuals committed to their wellbeing, the Kadin Portable Diffuser (RRP $129.99), available in rose gold or black, is designed to be a portable ultrasonic diffuser that can be taken anywhere, thanks to its wireless, USB compatible design.

Alongside these hero diffusers, four sets of trios of essential oils have been created, with scents that align to the positive feelings inspired by different situations for day, night, work and play.

‘Work’ scents feature herbaceous notes, florals and citrus to bring focus and clarity to a workspace, whether in the office or at home, while ‘Play’ scents serve to excite the senses and add a fun ambience.

“Essential oils are a powerful way to add scent and ambience to a room. We felt it was important that people could add beautiful and sophisticated scents in their home that can be easily paired with any mood, something we felt wasn’t being offered,” Utz said.

Mihi Home is also launching four incense scents: Leaves, Fruits, Spice or Flowers, retailing for $39.99 for a 40-pack, and two candle collections, both designed to suit a range of home styles and colour palettes. 

The Elemental Candle Collection features multi-faceted, fluted hand-made glass candles in four scents, including Black Sage and Cedar and Cypress, Melon and Moss, retailing for $79.99.

The Elysian Candle Collection, retailing for $99.99, features four softly curved glass candles, with a design inspired by contemporary organic ceramic shapes. These come in complex yet balanced scents, including Moso Bamboo and Gardenia, and Camellia and White Musk. Both collections will offer a tealight sampler of each candle in the collection for $9.99.

“The Mihi Home candles are designed to have aesthetic impact in the home and add a sense of luxury, so much so that when the candle has burnt out, the individual will no doubt retain the glass candle holder as a loved piece of decor,” Utz said.

Mihi Home is also launching a range of home decor accessories including a statement, minimalist Emersion Black Marble Incense Holder, its Emersion Marble Oil Burners, the Alba Glass Candle Cloche, along with its Frey Travertine Plate and Bailey White Resin Plate. Accessories range from $49.99 to $99.99.