Australian B2B retail marketplace, Dropshipzone has launched a new API for data integration in a first for Australian suppliers.

Supplier API enables suppliers to automate their daily operations to accelerate the process of selling products to Australian retailers.

With Dropshipzone’s new API for data integration, suppliers can upload and update thousands of products, pricing and shipping information within seconds.

Dropshipzone is a proprietary platform owned and operated by New Aim, Australia’s largest and fastest-growing ecommerce company.

New Aim chief information officer, Dr Alex Ji (pictured) said it will help suppliers sell more, more often, with less effort. “In the past, suppliers would download orders and upload product and shipping information manually by CSV files, which slows down the sales process.”

He added: “With more suppliers selling more products, we recognised there was an immediate need to make things easier for everyone on the Dropshipzone platform. Now, syncing products, prices and orders via API, this makes things easier and more automated.”

The launch of the Dropshipzone Supplier API follows six months of research and development and underscores New Aim’s broader commitment to expand the Australian ecommerce ecosystem.

“B2B retail marketplaces simplify, streamline and help scale the sales process, provided they’re built on the right platform with the right integrations,” he said.

“At New Aim, we’ve developed the knowledge base, technology, data platform and intelligent automation to improve integration – now we’re sharing our learnings. APIs are vital to create innovative solutions, helping digitally transform businesses, and enhance the customer experience. Our Dropshipzone technology helps Australian suppliers overcome real challenges they face when scaling their business online, giving them more operational agility.”