Designer furniture company, PopUpDesign has launched its first 3D virtual showroom to provide Australians with the opportunity to view and purchase designer furniture items online, contrary to its original plan of pop-up warehouses across the country pre-Covid-19.

With online furniture sales increasing over the last 12 months, PopUpDesign founders, Simona Arcieri and Giovanni Giannace, didn’t hesitate to embrace this growth and wait to open pop-up warehouses when restrictions are lifted. 

The award-winning wife and husband team of PopUpDesign have made their furniture more accessible through a 3D virtual sale, allowing customers to enjoy luxury furniture designs online and educate themselves on product quality. Each furniture design is handpicked to suit the Australian climate and way of living.

Along with the 3D showroom, PopUpDesign will use live streaming and social media platforms, including Facebook, to engage and connect with customers.

Before Covid-19 hit, warehouses were stocked and the business was ready to launch pop-up sales of luxury, designer furniture items – something that hasn’t been done before in the local market, according to owner, Simona Arcieri.

“With lockdowns and restrictions, our face-to-face pop-ups weren’t going to be an option, so we made a quick decision to pivot, rather than just give up or delay the launch – and it has paid off. We will seamlessly blend our virtual offering with physical warehouses when they can be opened in due course,” she said.

“It was certainly a good lesson in patience and being flexible. But it also helped us to remember that we are driven about beautifully designed things and invested in helping and educating Australians in seeing the value of buying higher quality furniture items.”

With over 20 years of experience in the global furniture industry, especially in Europe, PopUpDesign by Elementi Concept is a unique quality designer furniture warehouse sale that provides exclusive access to premium designer furniture, bathroom, lighting, and outdoor items across the country.