DealFetch is now allowing consumers to view daily deals based on the most popular group buying offers in their city.

The daily deal aggregator combines daily deals from over 15 group buying websites and recommends them to users based on their interests and geographic location.

Stas Belkov, co-founder of DealFetch, said: “The group buying industry in Australia has exploded in the past 12 months, now with hundreds of deals released every week. It can be overwhelming to receive multiple emails full of deals without knowing which ones are actually great. We now calculate popularity scores for every deal, allowing time-poor consumers to easily browse the cream of the crop in one concise email.”

Research firm Telsyte recently announced the group buying market to be worth $498 million in 2011. This is projected to grow by 30 per cent in 2012 to over $600 million, reaching $1 billion no later than 2015.

“What may be lacking in the group buying industry is great user experience; people are receiving too many deals that are not relevant. This can be solved by learning the tastes and interests of the user, and only sending them what they like. Deal location and popularity can further highlight the very best deals, alerting consumers about new local businesses, or when particular offers become highly popular, “ Belkov said.

DealFetch has recently expanded to now cover 15 top cities across Australia. The website plans to continue expanding its deal database to include a range of new and emerging deal sites.