Australian retailer Country Road is using a digital plugin to create personalised gift messages for people sending presents for Christmas, ensuring the personalised video message arrives while the retail industry faces severe delays.

The personalised video messages are integrated onto the Country Road e-commerce site through Melbourne-business gift flick.

Country Road digital manager, Paul Conti says, “By partnering with gift flick, we’re able to offer our customers greater peace of mind during the busy festive season.

“Thanks to the partnership, any gift bought online at Country Road can be sent digitally in seconds, alongside a personalised video message. For us, it provides a more flexible approach to gifting that feels just as thoughtful.”

You can see a preview of what it looks like here.

gift flick co-founder and CTO, Helen Marsh tells RetailBiz, “The gift storyitself is an animated or filmed story that the retailer creates in partnership with gift flick. Our smart technology then integrates all the user content into the animation or film.

“Our original purpose for creating gift flick was to solve a problem for ourselves – how do we look like we’ve put a lot of thought, care and time into choosing a gift for a loved one without actually having to find the time to head to the shops, trawl around trying to choose something suitable, then buy wrapping paper, greeting card etc and deliver it on time for the special occasion.

“The premise has always been that we are solving this problem for time-poor people, last minute shoppers and lazy shoppers! But with Covid-19 lockdown it became clear that gift flick offered an extremely valuable way to connect loved ones at special occasions in a personal and heartfelt way, during a very difficult time when people weren’t permitted to be together for celebrations.”

Country Road isn’t the only retailer the business has worked with, with Marsh explaining how gift flick produced a gift story for Great North Brewing Co.

Marsh says. “Our partnership with Great Northern Brewing Co is a good example of how this brand has leveraged the capability of our technology to reveal personalisation within the gift story, such as the gift recipient’s name etched onto a coffee mug or on the number plate of a Ute, coupled with a personal video message as well as a written message than reveals itself in a camping diary.

“This use of gift flicktechnologymakes for unexpected, feel-good moments for the gift recipient.”