Global leader in digital experience analytics, Contentsquare unveiled new products and expanded capabilities as part of the Contentsquare platform Summer ‘23 release, designed to help businesses deliver better experiences across web and app channels. 

With this release, Contentsquare enhances its advanced mobile analytics with comprehensive experience monitoring and cross-platform support for mobile apps across major frameworks including Native iOS and Android, Flutter, and React Native.

Designed to improve the customer in-app experience, CS Apps can optimise performance, improve user journeys, and lift usage and conversion with the ability to detect bugs, troubleshoot API or crash errors, and fix issues in real-time to boost engagement and reduce uninstalls.

With Benchmarks, brands can compare their user experience with direct competitors (who remain anonymous) by analysing conversion rates, load times, average cart, or views per session.

“Businesses are struggling to understand their online customers. Conversion rates of 2% on mobile and 3% on desktop — versus 30% in store — are a perfect example of the gap between what users expect and what businesses are delivering,” Contentsquare chief product officer, Lucie Buisson said.

“CS Apps and Benchmarks help close this gap and give brands the insights they need to optimise and personalise every experience to drive growth and – once and for all – eliminate the costly errors that impact conversion.” 

Contentsquare’s Summer ‘23 Release includes the launch of CS Retail Media, a new product and promotion performance analytics tool that enable retailers and brands to share real-time experience data.

Contentsquare is also releasing Dara, its new human-first design system, with detailed input from accessibility experts. With more than one billion people in the world living with a disability, Contentsquare is committed to playing a role in reducing barriers to online access.