By Aimee Chanthadavong

Following the launch of Coles’ in-store clothing line MIX last year, the supermarket giant has launched the MIX online store.

In attempt to meet the needs of the 24 hours, seven days a week savvy shopper, the MIX clothing and accessories line is now accessible via the online store, all of which are under $40.

Beverly Johnson, Coles MIX brand manager, told RetailBiz the website will help increase the awareness of the MIX range.

“We know the range is great, the quality is high, and the prices are fantastic, but it has been challenging to promote awareness when Mix is not available in every Coles store. The online store gives us a platform in which to communicate to all customer’s about MIX, and our surprisingly affordable fashion.

“We are constantly getting asked on Facebook when Mix is going online, so we have listened to our customers and delivered them an online site that is functional and allows them to have Mix delivered to their door,” she said.

The site offers free standard shipping on orders over $50. It also allows customers to be their own stylists by creating their own virtual outfits with the interactive Mix and Match feature. The MIX blog also provide tips on how to emulate the looks of celebrities and lifestyle advices, as well as newsworthy items.

“Customers have responded really well to MIX. We are hearing that they think it is a great fashion brand, delivering high quality at low prices. The general feeling among our loyal customers is how brilliant is this brand – it is so fashionable and the quality is amazing but I can’t believe the prices! And I can buy my groceries at the same time,” Johnson said.

Just like other purchases from Coles, the MiX range is linked to the company's recent reluanched loyalty program Fly Buys.

MIX offers a double value reward with Flybuys where members can redeem a $20 MIX discount voucher for just 2,000 points (currently $10 flybuys dollars is 2,000 points), so this is double value for members. This voucher can be used on any Mix purchase in-store. However, currently this functionaility is restricted to in-store and not its online store.