After RetailBiz reported the launch of Woolworth’s drive-thru option, we were contacted by Coles, informing us the concept is in fact not Australia’s first drive-thru supermarket.

Rather, according to Coles’ spokesperson Jim Cooper, the competing supermarket giant has been operating drive-thru Click & Collect supermarkets since April 2010.

“We now have seven such drive-through sites, which has been operating since Jun 2010, Coles has 42 Click & Collect store locations in total and in all cases, whether they use drive-through or dedicated parking bays, customers do not need to go into the store to collect their groceries.

“Coles team members bring the groceries out to the customer’s car and load the groceries into the customer’s boot. The service has proven very popular with customers, and we’re now managing several thousand customer orders a week through this model.”