By Aimee Chanthadavong

Independent online retailer City Software will be changing its name to eStore to reflect the company’s move from selling primarily computer software to IT, technology and digital products.

Lorenzo Coppa, eStore’s CEO, told Retailbiz that the name was necessary to avoid any further confusion.

“Our previous brand was confusing in its message as customers use to think we had a lot to do with software but with eStore it clarifies that we’re an online e-retailer that sells a selection of technology products. We think the new name reflects that very well,” he said.

First established in 1991, City Software was the first company in Australia to sell software via mail order, enabling customers to buy over the telephone with a credit card.  The business expanded online in 1998 providing live product availability and pricing. 

Following the acquisition of International Software Warehouse (ISWH) in 2001 and Sydney-based online e-tailer ‘eStore’ in 2003, the company has continued to trade as both City Software and eStore.

As part of the rebranding, Coppa said the company has made a significant investment in the new eStore website.

“We have over 15,000 products on the website so it can be hard to find one. Let’s just say we want a printer and there are just so many printers and the enhanced website will let customers to search a particular model or be provided a selection of printers. Other enhancements will include the searching functionality, customers will be able to look at the specification of a product more closely and zoom in on it,” he said.

“We’re trying to provide more information rich content by putting videos of the product on our website, more photos and within the next quarter we’ll also have a customer feedback section that will help customers feel comfortable about buying the right product.”

eStore customers can also expect an improved online search capability and a one page checkout.

All products come with the eStore guarantee which includes a warranty, contact details for support and a best price guarantee.