Over half (55%) of global consumers say they’re shopping online now more than they were pre-Covid, according to a new study from leading provider of product reviews and user-generated content (UGC) solutions, Bazaarvoice.

When it comes to buying gifts, despite the pandemic, Christmas spending seems to be relatively back to normal. The vast majority (80%) of consumers are planning on buying Christmas gifts this year and over half (60%) are spending the same amount as last year, while 14% are spending more. 

Over one-third (40%) of respondents said they’re planning to start their holiday shopping in November, while only 19% said they’re waiting for December to begin. In fact, over one-third (35%) said they will be starting their Christmas shopping earlier this year compared to previous years. 

While 66% said they shopped at a physical store for Christmas gifts in the past, only 57% said they would be doing so this year, a 9% decrease. The change was inverse for online shopping; while 49% said they shopped for gifts on a brand or retailer website with home delivery in the past, 56% said they would do the same this year, a 7% increase. 

The most important thing consumers plan to consider when buying gifts this year is cost (60%), followed by availability, or whether the product is in stock (54%), as Australians grow nervous about how the global supply chain will affect store shelves. When deciding between two gifts, price (67%) is again the biggest consideration, followed by customer reviews (34%) and shipping options (32%).
While holiday shopping is beginning to return to ‘normal’, Bazaarvoice managing director for Asia Pacific, Kate Musgrove expects it to be more e-commerce focused than pre-pandemic. “Not surprisingly, spending on fine dining, concerts and events has dropped as Australians have seen how easily these types of experiences can be taken away during a lockdown. Covid has driven shoppers to purchase physical products online, and they like it there. Brands and retailers need to ensure their digital offerings are simple, efficient, and filled with inspiring UGC to help give their customers the confidence to press ‘purchase’ from their sofa,” she said.