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Catch Group, owner and operator of Scoopon, Pumpkin Patch, GroceryRun, Mumgo and Bon Voyage, has posted revenue of $306 million and earnings before interest and tax (EBITDA) of $16 million. The company claims that this places them as the most profitable pure play online retailer in Australia.

The group also reported a growth in customer numbers, with close to one million active customers and almost 100,000 members of Club Catch, the group’s loyalty program for members.

Co-founder Gabby Leibovich said the group’s focus over the past 12 months to dramatically build out its offer by expanding into new categories with the acquisition of Pumpkin Patch and launch of Catch Marketplace, is resonating with customers by building Catch into a one-stop destination site for great brands at unbelievable prices.

“We will continue to differentiate ourselves from other online retailers by having products no one else has, at amazing prices. We are a product company first and foremost and a key focus for the year ahead is to rapidly expand our offer into new categories to ensure we meet the every need of Aussie shoppers,” Leibovich said.

“Whether this is through entering into exclusive distribution agreements with up and coming brands, building out a new business, or acquisitions such as Pumpkin Patch. We have strong cash reserves in place to fund our growth and expansion into new categories and markets,” he added.

Catch Group

The group’s financial results exclude revenues from newly launched Catch Marketplace, which is seeing sales revenue increase by over 25 per cent week-on-week. Approximately 200 top-selling brands and an additional 25,000 new SKUs have already been added to the site, with one million additional SKUs to be added by Christmas from curated and selected Marketplace sellers alone.

The rapid growth of Catch Marketplace has resulted in the Group predicting a marketplace sales target of $50 million for FY 2017/18.

“Since launching Catch Marketplace in June we have expanded into a number of new categories such as top-brand computers, outdoor equipment, musical instruments, furniture, sporting equipment, video games and more. We are currently in the process of onboarding over 300 suppliers and based on the demand we are seeing, we expect to easily beat our marketplace sales target of $50 million for this financial year,” Leibovich said.

This story originally appeared on Appliance Retailer.


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