Global technology platform that builds online marketplaces at scale, Marketplacer, has helped carsales launch a new RV parts and accessories online store designed to meet the demands of a market segment worth an estimated $6 billion annually in Australia.

The new site is part of caravancampingsales – a carsales subsidiary – and was built in collaboration with Marketplacer and its partners Overdose and CrescoData, a Pitney Bowes Company. The store enables caravancampingsales to expand beyond its core RV sales to include complementary RV products, as well as camping, outdoors accessories, beachwear and watersports equipment.

carsales chose Marketplacer to build a separate marketplace that could easily integrate with the e-commerce platforms of its partner sellers. By plugging into Marketplacer’s Connected Commerce accelerator technology, carsales could continue to leverage existing e-commerce capabilities, while expanding its product and category range. Now, caravancampingsales’ third-party sellers can integrate their products into the new store and shoppers get the benefit of a curated shopping experience.

Marketplacer CEO and co-founder, Jason Wyatt (feature image) said, “The online marketplace platform will help more Australians get outside and enjoy the outdoors in comfort and style. Shoppers looking for the best RV and outdoor gear can look no further than the new caravancampingsales store, and sellers can easily reach more customers using our best-in-class e-commerce platform.”

Channel manager CrescoData, a Pitney Bowes Company, built an integration for carsales and Marketplacer into its own branded portal that acts as a one-stop shop for sellers to access the new store. This means that sellers using existing e-commerce platforms will be able to integrate more seamlessly and unlock more potential.

CrescoData, a Pitney Bowes Company, head of growth and partnerships, Mark Gray (pictured above) added, “We are thrilled to be the integration partner for Marketplacer, powering the automation of carsales’ new RV and outdoor accessories marketplace. We worked extensively with carsales to help reduce merchant onboarding times and seamlessly integrate them to e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento and Maropost.”

For the caravancampingsales store front-end experience, Overdose. designed and built a solution that includes customised checkout capabilities and precision shipping logic, allowing sellers to apply and stack shipping rules for an extensive range of products and sellers.

Overdose. technical director, Martin Cox commented, “The Overdose. Australia crew embarked on an ambitious project with carsales’ caravancampingsales store. Now, we celebrate this transformation, as we’ve collectively not only met, but exceeded the demands of a complex marketplace, setting new standards in the industry.”

According to carsales product director, Ryan Svaghi, “Building the new caravancampingsales Store with our partners Marketplacer, CrescoData and Overdose. was an amazing team effort. As we go into the summer season, we are looking forward to helping Australians gear-up for their next RV adventure.”