The retail landscape has fast become a battleground of ‘survival of the fittest’ and one retailer is stepping their game to secure their future in the playing field.

Sydney-based company Butcherman is revolutionising the traditional butcher by combing online technology with its experience in the premium meat business.

Paul Tory, Butcherman CEO, said the change was needed to meet the fast-pace lifestyle of its customers.

“We already had the restaurant delivery network around Sydney,” he said. “This gave us the idea of having an online ordering and delivery service to meet the demands of our busy customers.”

Butcherman became the first to implement an online ordering system of premium quality meat.

“Quality is everything in this industry,” Tory said. “I personally source and purchase our meat from all corners of the country and then have it inspected, packed and hand delivered to your door.”

Delivering throughout Sydney six days per week, Butcherman’s website also offers a blog and recipes page to help its customers plan their meals.

There is also a referral program that gives back to customers in savings.