has relaunched its technology section of its website with the integration of comparison shopping site Getprice.

Technology product manager for Stuart Fagg said that integrating Getprice onto technology provided the readers with a true technology news experience.

“By delivering users with unrivalled coverage of technology news and empowering them to get a great deal on their next purchase – we are a very valuable one stop shop for users wanting to be informed on the latest technology news and an effective channel for our partners,” he said.

The technology product finder is now being powered by Getprice allowing consumers to search, compare and buy technology products from across hundreds of stores.

Also, the Getprice ‘deal of the week’ that profiles popular technology items with the biggest price differences on Getprice has been integrated onto the website.

According to Chris Hitchen, Getprice CEO, it’s a “win-win” for technology retailers and enthusiasts alike.

“Contextually, having the technology product finder powered by Getprice and Getprice deal of the week integrated on Technology means that users already engaged with the site by reading the stories can search for relevant products for purchase in fewer clicks,” he said.

Technology retailers currently listing on Getprice include Dick Smith, Big Brown Box, Bing Lee and Ted’s Camera.