Leading open SaaS ecommerce platform, BigCommerce has announced an exclusive technology partner integration of StagingPro, a comprehensive staging and deployment suite that gives enterprise merchants and agency developers a collaborative, near-production level environment to test and deploy code to a BigCommerce store.

“Enterprise merchants with complex implementations have a greater need for a true staging environment that is fast, collaborative and secure to meet the needs of developer teams to drive faster development-to-market cycles without risking the live production site,” BigCommerce chief commercial officer, Russell Klein said.

“StagingPro is an enterprise-built solution that delivers the flexibility and scalability that is dedicated to empowering teams with the freedom to innovate and removes the ceiling from what’s possible.”

Purpose built for BigCommerce, StagingPro provides an easy-to-use staging environment for merchants, agencies and third-party developers to create one or more replica sandbox stores without the need to reproduce and duplicate work onto a production store.

With StagingPro, teams will experience accelerated production-to-market cycles by running multiple projects at once, secure and risk-free environment replicas to test designs and catalogues, and seamless integration with existing teams, tools and workflows.

StagingPro is Multi-Storefront compatible, allowing merchants to migrate between storefronts for deployment design changes and data migration between trusted environments.