Leading Open SaaS ecommerce platform, BigCommerce has rolled out an open source extension of its native checkout to empower merchants, developers and partners to design fully-customised checkout experiences.

With the global rollout of Open Checkout, BigCommerce claims to be the only leading SaaS ecommerce platform to offer a production-level checkout with an open source front-end.

Open Checkout’s publicly available front-end source code gives brands the flexibility to define every pixel of their checkout page and build differentiated shopping experiences.

Additionally, Open Checkout leverages the same production-level source code that powers the platform’s native checkout solution. It is actively maintained by BigCommerce’s global team of engineers for developers to apply updates on-demand. 

“The unveiling of BigCommerce’s Open Checkout is an important milestone that advances BigCommerce’s Open SaaS strategy by leveraging the benefits of Open Source without compromising the speed, security and simplicity that can only be achieved through a SaaS solution,” BigCommerce chief product officer, Jimmy Duvall said.

“By opening up the presentation layer, brands of all sizes selling on BigCommerce can create unique experiences that resonate with shoppers and streamline their path to purchase.”

Building on BigCommerce’s Checkout SDK, Open Checkout allows companies to design a cohesive brand experience by adding custom CSS rules and JavaScript applications; streamline B2B purchasing by inserting custom fields for buyers; optimise checkout pages to facilitate modern delivery options; and a unique front-end interface to offer specific pricing, payment and shipping methods directly on the checkout page.