Leading open SaaS ecommerce platform, BigCommerce, is expanding availability of its Multi-Storefront (MSF), previously reserved for enterprise merchants. The self-service feature is now accessible to small and midsize BigCommerce merchants.

By expanding accessibility of MSF, BigCommerce merchants of all sizes can now manage multiple storefronts to grow sales in new regions, streamline operations for multiple brands and customise various customer segments.

To manage multiple storefronts, it often requires merchants to work with separate back-ends that are difficult to manage, time consuming and expensive to maintain. BigCommerce has removed these resource constraints by consolidating the management of multiple stores into a single dashboard with enterprise-grade tools at an affordable price.

In return, merchants can better streamline operations, save on implementation and maintenance costs and deliver tailored shopping experiences.

“This release of MSF affirms our ongoing commitment to equip merchants of all sizes with easy-to-use growth tools and the unprecedented platform performance they need to move forward faster to scale,” BigCommerce senior vice president, Meghan Stabler said.

“An unstable economy is the perfect time to make smart digital tech stack investments that are agile, functional and flexible to build business resilience for long-term growth and success. Progressive retailers open to innovation will be well-positioned to succeed regardless of an unforeseeable economic landscape.”

New self-service capabilities mean merchants can purchase and set up storefronts directly from the BigCommerce control panel to begin testing new revenue and growth strategies in a streamlined, cost-efficient manner.