Just days before Christmas, BIG W has uncovered a glitch in its online lay-by order system that will see delivery delays for about 700 customers.

On the company’s Facebook page, BIG W has released several statements apologising to customers

“BIG W takes full responsibility to resolve all outstanding orders. Additional resources has been allocated to meet this commitment and to reach a solution with the customers affected,” BIG W said in one of its posts.

“We are committed to undertaking a full review of our online fulfilment process and partnerships to ensure improved customer satisfaction and service. Once again please accept our sincere apology should you be affected by late deliveries.”

According to the retailer, it is working with Australia Post to resolve the issues to ensure items arrive in time for Christmas.

Despite these apology notes, there has been some backlash with a ‘BIG W Ruined Christmas’ Facebook group having been created and liked by over 750 users.