Barbeques Galore has rolled out a new Distributed Order Management (DOM) platform from Fluent Commerce, in collaboration with ecommerce and digital consulting specialists, Amblique, to enhance the customer experience in-store and online.

Barbeques Galore head of omni-channel, Nathan Simmons said there was a need to be more efficient in getting orders out to customers.

“There were three core areas that we needed help with; having real-time visibility of inventory in our stores, a full view of customer orders, whether they had been placed online or in-store and we needed to improve the fulfillment of our orders.”

Despite interruptions due to COVID-19 restrictions, all 52 Barbeques Galore Company stores are now live, using the Fluent Commerce platform. The real time view of inventory allows the Barbeques Galore team to see where stock is to ensure products get to customers in the most efficient way.

The customer order can be viewed at every stage, whether the enquiry is over the phone, in store or online, all in one place. Additionally, the pick and pack process of getting products to customers from the store is more efficient and automated.

Amblique CEO, Stephanie Byrne said when the consulting specialists were approached by Barbeques Galore, they were excited to get involved.

“This was an incredibly important decision and investment that we had to get right. The work we were doing here was to lay the foundations of future programs of work. We’re thankful to the team at Barbeques Galore for trusting us to deliver the results they were after.”

Simmons added: “We’re already receiving positive feedback from our staff as it is taking them much less time to manage and process customer orders. That time can be spent with customers ‘in-store’ to help them choose the right product and answer any questions they may have. Our products are going out to customers faster and the new platform is easy to use.

“This is the foundation on which our new ecommerce platform will be built. Delivering this now creates opportunities and experiences we were previously prevented from doing. Amblique and Fluent Commerce were a winning combination.”