Australian-based online form builder, Paperform, is launching its e-signature product Papersign — helping businesses further streamline digital signatures.

Papersign enables businesses to save on their software budgets, while automating the process of collecting signatures on company-branded documents.

Industry incumbents like DocuSign already claim to help businesses reduce the time they spend collecting signatures by up to 50%, while speeding up contract turnaround time by 85%. Papersign promises even better savings through its tight integration with Paperform’s online form-building software, helping businesses draft, create and sign documents all via a single platform.

Paperform co-founder and chief operating officer, Diony McPherson said, “At Paperform, we’re always looking for ways to free up time for business people, so they can focus on what matters. Companies like DocuSign have done a great job of digitising what used to be a slow manual process, but we wanted to take e-signatures one step further and change the way people think about e-signature software.

“Papersign is to digital signatures what Canva is to graphic design. We’ve built in features that will surprise and delight users, even on the free plan. It will make you think twice about how businesses can use software to change their entire operating model. And by integrating the e-signature process with our form builder, businesses can look to save even more time.”

According to Deloitte, the e-signature market will grow by over US$14 billion by 2026 (up from US$4 billion today) with Asia Pacific and Europe expected to be the fastest-growing regions globally.

Paperform co-founder and chief technology officer, Dean McPherson added, “As a product-led business, we had the idea to integrate digital signatures on Paperform when many of our customers needed to spend additional time and cost to have their forms signed. Papersign solves these challenges in one fell swoop, making it as seamless as possible for them to get their documents signed.”