The decision to set up shop online isn’t always an easy one as online retailer Just Bedding discovered when it launched in 2005.

Unlike bricks and mortar retailers that have the advantages of face-to-face customer service and the opportunity to integrate interactive technology in-store, Just Bedding had to create a memorable user experience for every visitor using their website to ensure that its 35,000 registered customers returned.

The company realised a reliable web host and an external web hosting team that had the technical capabilities to scale the growing popularity of the site — which receives 60,000 monthly click-throughs — was needed.

As a result, Just Bedding partnered with Anchor. Just Bedding’s website administrator Gabriel Luis said the partnership has helped him leverage his time more productively, focussing on enhancing the growth and scope of the site.

“With Anchor, I’m now able to spend my time on website conversions, analysis, development, design and search optimisation,” he said.

“Previously, I could have spent upwards of 10 hours a week on system administration and intricate tasks that was tireless prior research.”
Since partnering with Anchor, Just Bedding has experienced a 50 per cent lift in monthly click-traffic.

“The hours they have saved me per week had allowed me to spend more time focusing on improving our website, customer service and marketing efforts and thus increasing our traffic,” Luis said.