Amazon boxes have had a glow up, now sealed with rainbow tape for the next month, as Amazon Australia celebrates Pride.

The tape displays the Progress Pride Flag with 11 colours representing the LGBTQIA+ community with black and brown stripes to represent marginalised LGBTQIA+ communities of colour, along with pink, light blue and white, which are used on the Transgender Pride Flag.

Amazon Australia senior business partner of diversity, equity and inclusion and leader of employee LGBTQIA+ affinity group, Glamazon, Katie Daly said, “For me, the Pride tape is meaningful. It makes me proud to see Amazon Australia publicly show its support for LGBTQIA+ communities and it’s just the start of our celebrations.”

There are dozens of activities and events planned across the coming months to celebrate Pride in Australia with employees and the community. Glamazon, was a major sponsor of Melbourne’s iconic Midsumma Festival 2023, where employees proudly represented the Amazon affinity group in the parade and at a stall during the Midsumma Carnival.

Amazon fulfilment centres in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth will air the Sydney Mardi Gras Parade live on 25 February for thousands of associates at its sites. Employees across the country will also attend events on 27 February to recognise Pride.

“Amazon Australia is definitely diverse, and it’s getting better at being inclusive. It’s important that everyone can bring their true self to work and by creating an environment built on trust and empathy, we want everyone working here to feel comfortable to be their authentic self. I’m proud of the progress we’ve made and excited to be part of the journey for our business as we continue to work on this commitment to our employees and the larger community,” Daly said.

Amazon Australia has recently taken important steps to promote LGBTQIA+ inclusivity through different measures and policies for its employees, including a Same Gender Partner Coverage Program, and an inclusive Parental Leave Policy.

The Same Gender Partner Coverage Program helps employees enrol their same-sex partner in their health insurance, which eligible employees can choose to access at a subsidy. Amazon Australia has also recently updated its Parental Leave Policy, which gives eligible employees – regardless of gender – equal access to paid parental leave benefits, including adoption and surrogacy cases.