Australians’ homes and living spaces have fundamentally changed with cost-of-living and housing pressures forcing more than two-thirds (68%) of Gen Z and Millennials to make changes to their living situations in the past 12 months, according to a report commissioned by Amazon Australia.

The Young Aussie Home of 2023 Report dives into how the ‘Young Aussie’ generation are living, and the different ways they’re making their spaces feel like a home. Of those who have made changes to their living situation, almost one in five have downsized, one in six say they’re living with more people to share costs and more than four in 10 (43%) are cutting back on household expenses such as groceries and toiletries.

The report shows that despite the home looking a little different, Young Aussies are still proud of their home and how it looks, with Millennials surveyed more house proud than any other generation (86%). Almost one in two Australians surveyed in share houses (48%) say they care about how their home looks, with close to one-quarter (23%) saying they care and look out for affordable and unique items.

With three in four (75%) agreeing that the space they live in reflects who they are, Young Aussies are less willing than older generations to cut back on home décor (63% compared to 81%) and homewares/ appliances/ furniture (58% compared to 68%).

To help Young Aussies kit their homes out, Amazon Australia is now offering customers a new way to shop with the launch of Home ‘bundles’ – one-click starter-packs with products for specific use-cases, including the Share House Kitchen Starter Pack, the Wardobe Expander and Renter Budget-Friendly Loungeroom.

Amazon Australia head of homes, Ian Bradley said, “We know that no two customers or indeed, homes, are the same. This is why we we’ve released the Young Aussie Home report, which found that while many Young Aussies have needed to change their living situations, they are still looking to make their spaces their own.

“We are excited to introduce a new way to shop with our Home bundles. These have been designed to provide practical solutions across the huge range of home products available on, tailored for personality and use-case; from rented share houses to multi-purpose rooms. Just because you’re renting or looking to save doesn’t mean you have to compromise.”