Amazon Australia invited Sydneysiders and Melburnians to join its community of traditional carriers and deliver Amazon packages in their free time for extra money as part of its new delivery service, Amazon Flex.

Interested delivery partners with their own vehicle can sign-up, choose delivery blocks that fit their schedule, and deliver packages via the Amazon Flex app.

Once they have signed up and completed the background verification process, they will be ready to accept delivery blocks, which are generally four hours including collection of packages from pick up points in Sydney and Melbourne and delivery.

Delivery partners will know the estimated duration and minimum payment for each block in advance and will receive payments weekly by direct deposit.

Amazon Australia director of operations, Craig Fuller said Amazon Flex enables delivery partners to earn extra money with the flexibility to choose their own schedule.

“With visibility of how much they will be paid for a block before they accept it, delivery partners ensure their time on the road is well spent. We are always looking at new ways to delivery convenience to customers. As customer demand and delivery needs continue to grow in Australia, Amazon Flex gives us the agility to supplement the work we do with our existing carrier partners so we can speed up delivery times and respond to peaks in demand.”