Open-source cloud data platform, Aiven has announced that its fully managed service, Aiven for Apache Flink, is now generally available, delivering the first managed service for Apache Flink that can be deployed in three major cloud service providers, AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

With the addition of Aiven for Apache Flink, Aiven now offers a complete open-source streaming ecosystem complementing and integrating with Aiven for Apache Kafka to satisfy most real time data application scenarios and bring a scalable and production-grade streaming infrastructure to the cloud.

Aiven vice president of product management, Jonah Kowall said, “Having a production-grade Apache Flink offering is a game changer for real-time data processing use cases, driving business insights. Aiven for Apache Flink enables developer productivity with the best open-source technologies and makes developers’ lives easier.

“Aiven for Apache Flink is the glue and intelligence tying together our platform capabilities between Apache Kafka along with popular databases such as PostgreSQL, OpenSearch, and more integrations coming every week.

“Our experience brings a cloud streaming data infrastructure that is resilient, scalable and can be easily migrated and managed across cloud vendors through the Aiven console. I am excited about what the future of this service holds for our customers and the stream processing market in general, as more organisations harness the power of real-time data processing.”

Sydney-based Aiven solutions architect, Troy Sellers added, “The way consumers purchase goods has shifted permanently. Today they are more digitally connected and expect the organisations they do business with to be as responsive in real-time. The Australian e-commerce market is booming, so retailers need to act quickly and effectively to stay ahead of the competition.

“Data streaming and analytics can help retailers gain a competitive edge and provide crucial support by streamlining their operations, optimising business processes such as supply chains, and providing them with fast and real-time insights into consumer data.

“As a result, customer satisfaction levels will ultimately improve as retailers will be able to create better personalised experiences, spot market trends, perform geo-location promotions and alerts to customers, and even foresee competitors’ moves – a true game changer for retailers.”

Aiven for Apache Flink delivers real-time data processing that enables retail customers to obtain critical business insights faster without additional resourcing pressures. With a fully managed Apache Flink service, customers have on-demand access to Aiven’s market-leading data streaming architecture in the cloud of their choice.