At Adobe Summit, the world’s largest digital experience conference, Adobe announced a suite of enterprise innovations to empower brands to deliver one-to-one personalisation at scale through generative AI and real-time insights.

Adobe’s latest products expand the customer experience management (CXM) solutions to bring data, content and customer journeys together. In the era of generative AI, Adobe is providing a roadmap to help brands deliver customer value and capture the opportunity of AI in driving personalisation at scale.   

Major innovations across Adobe Experience Cloud and Adobe Creative Cloud include an upcoming Adobe Experience Platform AI Assistant that supercharges productivity of experience practitioners, democratising access to extended teams through a conversational interface and enabling them to unleash new ideas.

Adobe GenStudio is a new generative AI-first offering that allows marketing teams to plan, create, manage, activate and measure on-brand content. Adobe also unveiled Journey Optimiser capabilities to enable both B2C and B2B brands to enhance journey orchestration with personalised experiences. A new capability in Adobe Firefly, Adobe’s family of creative generative AI models for commercial use, called Structure Reference brings a new level of creative control.  

“Generative AI enables a fundamental shift in the relationship between brands and their customers, creating a transformative moment for business leaders to drive profitable growth while delivering new digital experiences,” Adobe president of digital experience business, Anil Chakravarthy said.

“The ability to personalise every interaction has become the key growth driver in Customer Experience Management for enterprises around the world, and Adobe is leading the way in making this a reality with powerful generative AI deeply integrated into existing workflows.”