Activewear label, Twotags doubled its revenue to $1.4 million in just three months between April and June with 2020 becoming its best year to date since launching in 2017.

Twotags founder, Max Huang said sales were gradually increasing each year, but he could have never predicted the online surge that came in 2020. He sold almost 100,000 units – or one product every five minutes.

Huang’s keen interest in ecommerce and branding led him to develop affordable yet quality activewear, and like many others, he relies on his website for customer experiences, social media for feedback and online data to gauge customer satisfaction.

He says these procedures will allow his business to continue to grow and doesn’t see online retail trends changing anytime soon – in fact he believes they will only strengthen.

“We were riding the e-commerce wave last year, combined with unprecedented demand for fitness clothing and equipment. I think we were lucky to have been in a position to grow and evolve with the times,” he said.

“There is talk about things slowing down, however I just don’t see it happening. I think 2020 has paved the way for 2021 and online businesses will continue to do well, as long as they have the right plans and structures in place.

“There are many online tools and ways to bring value to customers digitally and as technology continues to improve it’s only going to get better.”