Etsy Studio


Handmade marketplace Etsy has announced the launch of Etsy Studio, a global market dedicated to craft supplies.

Etsy Studio is the first new market the company has built from the ground up since it launched in 2005, and CEO Chad Dickerson explained in a statement that the aim is to combine inspiration and shopping in one place.

“The craft supply market is enormous: approximately $44 billion in the US alone,” he said. “When we began exploring this area, we discovered that something very important was missing: joy. For a category that’s meant to bring people so much happiness and connection, we think we can do a lot better.”

This led the company to develop Etsy Studio, where visitors will be able to shop DIY projects and tutorials, alongside the supplies they need to bring the projects to life.

Etsy Studio

Tools for sellers

Etsy is also implementing changes for its sellers, with a new dashboard and improved inventory management tools.

Dickerson said the company is committed to its sellers and the “Etsy Economy” they help to power.

“The Etsy Economy is real, it’s everywhere, and it’s growing fast. Today, there are active Etsy sellers in 99 per cent of the counties in the US and almost every country in the world…

“We are uniquely focused on our sellers here at Etsy. The work we do centres on supporting them, and our seller-aligned business model means that we succeed when they succeed.”


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