This Thursday online retailer will defy the economy and attempt to sell $1.5 million of Samsung LCD TVs, online, in less than 24 hours.
"It’s an unusual feeling, watching $1.5 million of televisions leave the building after a few hours of sales, but we are getting used to it," says co-founder Gabby Leibovich.
With over 250,000 Australians now following the bargain busting online seller, Leibovich makes this seem like business as usual.
The website has showed no signs of slowing down in the current economic climate. What’s the secret? According to Leibovich it’s selling just one product a day. Every day at midday, they list a deal and this single product is the business’ only source of revenue until the next day. And revenues are high with the company being one of the fastest growing Australian companies.
Leibovich and his sourcing team have pulled off 24-hour deals before in categories that range from electronics, manchester, toys to cosmetics and wine. In fact, most deals are sold within just a few hours of being featured.
The results of the upcoming LCD TV sale will be shown on Channel 7’s Today Tonight the following week.