Woolworths has welcomed the finalisation of the government’s comparative unit pricing code. The supermarket chain is already more than three quarters of the way through the rollout of the scheme, with 15,000 products in every store now displaying the price per unit of measure.
In November 2008, Woolworths commenced the rollout of unit pricing on approximately 19,000 items in all its supermarkets across the country.
“Unit pricing allows customers to quickly and easily compare the prices of different sized products and brands to see which product is the best value for their needs,” said director of corporate and public affairs at Woolworths, Andrew Hall.
“Customer feedback to date has been very positive with many customers telling us it helps them budget and compare prices on everything from toothpaste to orange juice.
“Unit pricing provides value-focused customers with extra information that may help them make more informed choices when they shop.
“The rollout of unit pricing over the last eight months has necessitated significant change to our business and the involvement of customers, store staff, and support teams. However, thanks to this combined effort, we are now well placed to complete our rollout ahead of the Government deadline,” said Hall.