By Aimee Chanthadavong

In a joint effort with the Queensland government, Woolworths has launched an initiative that will boost the recognition of North Queensland primary producers.

Across all North Queensland Woolworths, ‘Nth Qld Grown’ labelling will be introduced for all North Queensland sourced fruit, vegetables and seafood.

Benedict Brook, Woolworths spokesperson, told Retailbiz that this campaign will allow customers to easily identify locally grown produces.

“We’ve received feedback from customers, who have increasingly wanted to know where food comes from and how locally it’s grown,” he said.

Brook also pointed out that similar initiatives already exist in other regions of Australia.

“We’ve already rolled this out in the Northern Territory and in Tasmania as this kind of made sense to make it evident where our produces come from in regional areas and similarly in Western Australia we’ve had our ‘eat west, eat best’ campaign for quite some time,” he said.

“We’ve also been sourcing our products from North Queensland for some time but we just haven’t pointed out that fact. And so there are some customers who want to know the geographical location of their food.”

“It’d be very interesting to see if this leads to an increase in customers purchasing locally grown food and if it’s seen as popular, we’ll look at how feasible we could to this elsewhere.”