Dick Smith staff have been struggling to sell home branded stock, despite huge discounts as part of the retailer’s fire sale. Ferrier Hodgson claims it will honour Dick Smith’s “cash-back” promise for purchases made after January 5 for up to 12 months, including replacement or refund for any faulty items. However, customers are not convinced.

According to media reports, customers have concerns about warranty on products, such as Dick Smith televisions, as most of them opt for a branded product.

“Most of our premium brand televisions are already sold out, particularly Samsung. We have also sold all the Samsung phones and people are trying to buy the phones on the display benches, even after we explain they are not for sale,” one Dick Smith employee said.

Ferrier Hodgson is responsible for the discounting of stock over the next few weeks and the staff member said they were only told about any new discounts at the beginning of each trading day.

“It’s also my understanding that as we get further into this process the stock left over in the smaller stores will get moved to the bigger centres, we have already got all the stock from a nearby Move store,” the employee explained.  “Then they will close down those smaller stores.”

This story first appeared in Appliance Retailer.