In two major breakfast events, Retail Doctor Group has joined forces with Coles and IBM to share research, insights and practical solutions focussing on the future of retail in Australia.

Based on up-to-date research and using real case studies, the speakers will share their findings on why there are such clear winners in this new consumer-driven retail landscape and how retailers and brands can build their own fitness based on these insights.

Brian Walker and Katharina Kuehn from Retail Doctor Group will present winning retail innovations from the latest Ebeltoft Group Retail Innovations study as well as local trends and research from the RDG Australian Retail Consumer Study 2012 (in conjunction with iLink).  The research introduces a new neuro-scientific approach to understanding retailers’ real consumers and explains how to integrate these exclusive findings into shopper marketing strategies.  The Retail Doctor team will also provide practical solutions to increase business fitness based on implementing global retailing trends.
Peter Butler, Business Solutions’ Architect at IBM will provide an overview of the recent National Retailers Federation (NRF) conference held in New York together with new consumer case studies, providing insights into the solutions overseas retailers are implementing to meet the needs of the Smarter Consumer.  

Stuart Machin, Store Development & Operations Director of Coles Wesfarmers Australia will present a case study detailing how consumer knowledge has helped to build a leading brand and business as well as the Coles Turnaround Strategy, its consumer path to purchase and Coles’ plans for the future.

Sydney: Tuesday 28 February
Melbourne: Friday 2 March
8am – 10am

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