From 13th September at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre, Retail Expo 2011 will be hosting its illustrious Retail Conference.

Delivering an outstanding line up of guests speakers, 24 of the world’s leading authorities on future consumer trends, retail design, online marketplace and (the great unknown) using social media to benefit your business, will grace the stage.

The current state of retail and future predictions is a critical topic, the latest Retail Trade figures from the ABS show a 0.6 per cent decline in sales across the board1; clothing and footwear hit the hardest at -1.8 per cent.

Additionally, a recent Bloomberg survey suggested that Australia has not fully recovered from the effects of the Global Financial Crisis2 and, to top it all off, IBSWorld are predicating that Australia’s love for online shopping (furthered by the strength of the Aussie dollar) is set to double by 2015, with estimated domestic profits exceeding $650 million.

Last year 95.9 per cent of Expo attendees sought insight into future consumer and retail trends. As such, this year’s new conference organiser, Intermedia Events, has secured some of Australia’s authorative retail analysts, store designers and social media experts.

Key Note Speaker Google’s Retail Industry Analyst for Australia, Andrew Eckford, will share his insight into Australian consumer behaviour today and, importantly, what retailers can expect this coming Christmas period. Prior to joining Google, Andrew worked with prominent surveyor Nielsen and Telstra Bigpond. Needless to say, Andrew’s word is highly regarded and often requested.

“The retail industry is undergoing some of the biggest changes in living memory. Not only are local retailers having to compete with an influx of some the world’s biggest brands setting up shop in Australia, but also the dramatic increase in online shopping or e-tailing”, says Retail Expo organiser Melanie Robertson.

Providing attendees with practical advice on how to adapt and keep up with these eminent changes on the local marketplace, Brian Walker from leading retail consultants Retail Doctor Group and Ebeltof Group member, will present his comprehensive and valuable findings on the state of global retail strength.

Retail strategist Nancy Georges of Magnolia Solutions says retailers need to refocus on the fundamentals of business. At the Conference, she will elaborate on this to include her perception on customer service and recognising the driving forces behind consumer behaviour, as well as the effectiveness of Social Media.

Retail designer Steve Ogden-Barnes and Retail Engine founder Danielle Barclay will round out the Conference with their thorough presentation on reclaiming the store and optimising consumers’ engagement with the physical store.

Last but not least, tying in with Retail Expo’s co-locating with POPAI Marketing, Debra Templar of the Templar Group will lead an afternoon workshop on branding, marketing and the customer; an advantageous opportunity for attendees to receive practical and smart advice through the use of case studies.

To find out what’s in store for your business and learn how to adapt for your operations and find your competitive edge, be sure to book your tickets for this year’s must attend Retail Conference.

Ticket prices are:
2 Days – $ 445.00 + GST (If you register and pay before 22nd August 2011)
$ 550.00 + GST (After 22nd August 2011)
1.5 Days – $ 345.00 + GST (If you register and pay before 22nd August 2011)
$ 435.00 + GST (After 22nd August 2011)
1 Day – $ 275.00 + GST (If you register and pay before 22nd August 2011)
$ 345.00 + GST (After 22nd August 2011)
0.5 Day – $ 175.00 + GST (If you register and pay before 22nd August 2011)
$ 225.00 + GST (After 22nd August 2011)

For more information or to register your interest for Retail 2011 Exhibition and Conference, go to
WHAT: Retail 2011 Exhibition and Conference
WHEN: Tuesday 13 – Thursday 15 September
WHERE: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Southbank
ORGANISERS: Interpoint Events
Melanie Robertson
Marketing Manager
Interpoint Events, a Division of The Intermedia Group
Phone: (02) 9660 2113