Webjet Singapore has been launched to capture the growth of internet travel bookings in Singapore.

Webjet Singapore David Clark said the website follows the launch of Webjet Hong Kong in early January as part of partnership operations with Westminster Travel.

“With increasing numbers of Singaporeans spending more time on the Internet to visit travel sites to make bookings for flights and hotel accommodation, we believe it’s a right time to launch Webjet Singapore to jump on the bandwagon,” he said.

A survey conducted by Visa e-commerce consumer monitor for Asia-Pacific during the first quarter of 2009, revealed that Singaporean respondents spent US$3,085 in the past 12 months on travel-related services, and the top three travel key online spend areas were airline tickets, travel accommodation and online travel agents.

Clarke said it is a good sign to show the resilient of e-commerce transactions in Singapore following uncertain global economic condition in previous years.

“From a geographical perspective, Webjet Singapore is strategically established as a hub for travelling originated from Singapore to nearby countries, Middle East region and then to the rest of the world,” he said.

“We expect it can generate synergies and bring together more trans-pacific volumes with Webjet Australia and Webjet Hong Kong.”

This plan is part of the company's global strategy that was announced in January 2011.