Any confusion that existed about which days retailers were allowed to trade during the Easter holiday has now been eliminated, or for Victorians at least.

Delivering on its election commitment, the Victorian government has passed the Shop Trading Reform Amendment (Easter Sunday) Bill 2011 that will enable all Victorian business to trade on Easter Sunday.

Innovation, Services and Small Business Minister Louise Asher said the decision will end the nonsensical and confusing situation whereby a business with fewer than 20 employees, such as a milk bar, was allowed to open, while a large department or variety store must remain closed.

"Any business that wishes to trade on Easter Sunday will now be legally able to do so and that business itself will make that choice, not the government,” she said.

"All businesses will now be able to capitalise on the influx of holidaymakers at this busy time of year and help to ensure Victoria is a tourist destination that meets international expectations."

The Easter Sunday trading ban was introduced by the former Labor Government as part of its industrial relations policy in 2003 and has cost tens of millions of dollars in lost sales for businesses each year.

Prior to the trading ban in 2003 any retail business, regardless of employee numbers, was able to trade on Easter Sunday.