Victoria’s new commissioner John Lloyd will begin work and waging a war on red tape with the aim of reducing costs for Victorian businesses.

The news has been welcomed by the Australian Retailers Association (ARA).

ARA executive director Russell Zimmerman said work to reduce red tape was much needed for retailers, who were currently buckling under the pressure of extra business costs associated with excessive red tape and regulatory burden.

“For the retail sector to achieve long- term growth in the current economic climate, it must be able to be productive at the most optimal levels. I have every faith John Lloyd’s appointment will ensure any fat is trimmed from red tape costs to enable retailers to maximise their contribution to Victoria’s economy,” he said.

Based on latest ABS retail trade figures, Victorian retailers are struggling with a mere 1.2 per cent increase in November.

“It is good to see the Victorian Government sticking to its commitment to reduce red tape and in light of the coming Federal election this year both major Federal political parties need to make similar commitments if they haven’t already to deliver real red tape reduction,” Zimmerman said.