Preston Lewis is the managing director of Warner Bros in Australia who will be on a panel discussing the topic of licensing.

RB: Briefly (in one or two points) explain what you'll be speaking about at the Conference?
PL: How retail is able to leverage licensing to create exciting and engaging customer experiences in store that increase traffic and ultimately drive revenue

RB: Why do you believe this/these topic(s) are important and relevant to retailers?
PL: For all retailers, revenue and strong brand positioning with consumers are key indicators of success. Therefore leveraging powerful tactics like licensing that support this is critical.

RB: Can you provide comment about the current state of the Australian retail sector and ONE tip you'd give to retailers?

PL: In a word, challenging. However, the challenges also create opportunities to explore new solutions which is why we are here. One tip: all who focus constantly on consumer needs, WINS.

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