Just two days after announcing it was going to slash fruit and vegetable prices as part of its Super Specials campaign, Coles has said it will be making further price cuts to selected products in the same range.

Greg Davis, Coles fresh produce general manager, said the decision to reduce more prices is the result of the positive reaction from customers to its Super Specials.

“We have also heard from many growers who support our call for customers to buy more fresh fruit and vegetables to help them shift the huge volumes of top quality Australian fruit and vegetables currently available,” he said.

However, Coles flatly rejects claims that its initiative is misleading or causing lower farm gate returns. It says that it is acting “responsibly and fairly” to farmer suppliers.

In turn of these events, Woolworths also announced that it will be reducing prices on a limited number of fresh products, however its adverts suggests these prices will only be effective for two days.

“It’s good to see Woolworths eventually follow our lead in bringing prices down – even if it is only for two days! However customers will be concerned that Woolworths has abandoned a key customer promise – their much trumpeted Fixed Price Guarantee – in order to do this,” Davis said.

“We know customers want certainty around the price they can expect to pay which is why we are committed to offering them 12 fruit and vegetables at Super Special prices every week. Unlike our competitor customers can trust Coles to deliver quality fresh food which really does cost less.”