Mother-daughter duo Maria and Anastasia saw a gap in the market five years ago for an affordable, finer sterling silver jewellery and were inspired to build a brand that was accessible and affordable. Five years on their brand The Silver Collective has opened its doors in Westfield Miranda in Sydney’s south.

The Silver Collective boutique features a minimalist look and feel, with Alpine Mist marble surfaces and a Boucle Milou Swivel Chair, alongside up-cycled interiors such as recycled stone and repurposed flower urn to minimise their carbon footprint.        

In its first year of operation, the collection was made up of six different pieces and sales landed at 50 pieces by the end of the year. However, this quickly shifted in the second and third year. From the pair packing jewellery in their spare room, the brand sold more than 9,000 pieces in the third year of operation.

The brand experienced growth of 200% from 2017 to 2018 and sold 18,000 pieces throughout the year. Following this boom, the pair decided to hire three staff with expertise in areas such as graphic design and customer service.

Currently, there are 740 different styles in the collection and growing.

The Silver Collective co-owner and mother, Maria Papazoglou said, “We’re creating an atmosphere for our customers to enjoy the whole shopping experience, and through our interiors we have tried to make little to no difference between our Instagram and reality. We want our customers to know that what they see online is exactly what they get instore, and we feel that we’ve definitely brought that vision to life.”

The Silver Collective co-owner and daughter, Anastasia Barba added: Everything we do is not only around our style, but love and family too. We express this through our collection, campaign and now our boutique, as we want our customers to feel that they too are a part of The Silver Collective family.”