The Body Shop is one of about 100 businesses and associations to sign up to a coalition in support of a carbon price to help slash emissions.
Home and furniture store IKEA is another of the companies to join the alliance, which aims to provide a united voice for businesses to counter negative comments on the carbon price package.
Prime Minister Julia Gillard revealed on Sunday the details of the carbon price, which will be set at $23 per tonne of pollution from July next year. She also announced a raft of measures aimed at softening the blow caused by the extra costs.
Signing up to the Businesses for a Clean Economy initiative was a given for The Body Shop with protecting the planet one of the retailer’s core values.
CEO Mark Kindness says the company has been campaigning for environmental issues from the beginning.
“Practicing responsible environmental stewardship and advocating for strong climate change legislation is a key priority for us as a business,” he says.
“We hope the price on carbon will act as an incentive for corporate Australia to think twice before choosing carbon intensive business practices.”
The legislation is yet to be debated in Parliament.

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