tutch and Microsoft have teamed up to shake-up the retail sector by tapping into new capabilities with tutchGPT, which is expanding into the US.

Founded by Grant Oayda, tutch provides retailers a new level of connection by using high-speed touch screens that enable customers to take control of their research, browsing and transaction experiences. tutch also provides a platform that turns existing stores into logistics assets, creating more cost-efficient ordering and delivery solutions for retailers and their customers.

“The tutch platform has made significant strides into Australian retail businesses with early adopter, Beacon Lighting achieving outstanding results following a nationwide roll-out. Several major Australian retailers are now entering the development stage, with 1,500 store rollouts expected in the second half of this year,” Oayda said.

tutch executive chairman and founder, Grant Oayda and tutch advisory board chair, Stuart Harker.

“In our partnership with Microsoft, we are now planning to use the ground-breaking capabilities of innovative AI with tutchGPT to change the game again. The added functionality of tutchGPT will drastically simplify highly complex purchasing decisions for customers in-store, such as selecting the lighting products for a home, and streamlining store footprints for retailers.”

tutchGPT is expanding into the US market with newly appointed CEO of North America operations, Greg Jones, who is a highly respected US business leader and Microsoft alumnus. He brings his vast experience in the US retail industry to tutchGPT and will lead the US expansion with support from the Australian based tutch business.

“We’re launching tutchGPT today and stepping into the US market with Greg leading the charge. We are excited to have Greg join us and bring his extensive retail and US knowledge to our business,” Oayda added.

The launch of tutchGPT, coupled with the appointment of Greg Jones, marks a new era in customer experience management. It offers retail businesses a chance to stay ahead of the curve and deliver superior customer experiences using leading-edge technology and customer service capability.