The need for secure jobs which Sydneysiders can count on dominated Labor's Fair Work Taskforce hearings this week in Cabramatta and Sydney CBD last week. 

Chair of the Taskforce, Lisa Chesters MP and local MP and Member for Fowler, Chris Hayes will attend both hearings and will be joined by Member for Newcastle Sharon Claydon MP.

The Taskforce will hear directly from health, hospitality and retail workers, as well as not-for-profit organisations.

Unemployment and underemployment rates are at worryingly high levels in NSW, and Sydney – where the cost of living and housing is the highest of any capital city in Australia – is not immune.

Cabramatta is in the heart of Western Sydney and it like many other Western Sydney suburbs has one of the highest rates of unemployment in NSW at 9.4 per cent. 

Yet despite these challenges, Malcolm Turnbull is refusing to sit down and negotiate sensible safeguards to protect Australian jobs and ensure that all Australians benefit for CHAFTA.

The Taskforce also expects to hear about the devastating impact on working families if Turnbull pursues his predecessor’s anti-worker legislation, which includes slashing penalty rates for those working on Sundays by up to 37 per cent.

Labor established the Fair Work Taskforce to give Australians the chance to speak out about how the Liberal Government’s sustained attack on jobs, wages and conditions will hurt them, their families and their community.

All the Liberals have done for two years is fight for their jobs, while attacking Australians’ jobs and a ministerial reshuffle won’t change that.

Meanwhile, Labor will continue to consult, engage with and listen to Australian workers, employers, industry groups, unions and other key stakeholders.