Sydney Airport has launched a digital advertising solution to enable its retailers to extend their advertising reach in a more engaging way.

The solution comprises of a new Sydney Airport app for Android-based mobile devices to complement its existing iPhone app. Other platforms include a range of new advertising locations to be housed within the airport’s existing website, as well as a new mobile site to cater to the 50 per cent-plus of people who access the airport website from their mobile devices.

Sydney Airport general manager of retail, Andrew Gardiner, said the need for an integrated digital advertising solution has never been more important now that there are an increasing number of passengers looking for options to use the Sydney Airport website to plan their journey.

“More than 70,000 people have downloaded the Sydney Airport iPhone app,” he said.

“What’s more, we’ve found that 85 per cent of people accessing our Wi-Fi are using a mobile device, so there’s great potential for us to reach and engage with travellers through their mobile devices.”

The Andorid app features contextual-based advertising functionality, which has been a key help for Travelex in engaging with travellers. The retailer has been able to target consumers with advertisements when they are searching for foreign exchanging information.

The also features a geo-location functionality, available in English and simplified Chinese.

“Chinese nationals are our second largest international passenger group, so it makes sense to have a Chinese version of our app. Sydney Airport is continually looking to enhance the experience of our Chinese-speaking travellers who are an important and fast growing market,” Gardiner said.

According to Gardiner, Sydney Airport’s advertising revenue has grown primarily due to the innovative products that it has introduced, resulting in increased interest in the airport from retailers. The introduction of the Android app and the improvements to its website are expected to further drive this.