Broadmeadows Shopping Centre in Victoria is giving fashion students of Kangan Institute the opportunity create sustainable and fashionable designs.

As part of the Fashion Forward program, 110 students of Kangan Institute will use recycled and discarded materials in their designs
Each student has received a new season look from Broadmeadows fashion retailers to deconstruct, upcycle and transform to create new design. From vintage fabrics to dismantling, reshaping and merging the old with the new, it’s a creative process that calls for less energy in production and produces less waste.

Former Miss Universe and Fashion Forward ambassador Erin McNaught said: ““This is such an exciting era in fashion where sustainability and ethical design is taking centre stage.”

While fashion trends come and go, socially conscious and green fashion movement is making waves. From unknown designers to big-names like Stella McCartney in Europe and Lisa Gorman in Australia, key players in the fashion industry are making strides toward global awareness with their eco designs gracing the pages of leading fashion bibles.

The Fashion Forward online community will have from October 6 – 21 to vote for their favourite sustainable design with images of all 110 creations to be featured in a Facebook gallery.